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Special Issues

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Positive Education in Schools

I invite you to contribute a manuscript for consideration in a special issue of the International Journal of Emotional Education that will focus on positive education in schools. We are especially interested in manuscripts describing empirical research on positive education using strong research methods.

The specific research area is open, but we are particularly interested in:

  1. longitudinal research on predictors of positive development and well-being in children and adolescents;
  2. research on school-based assessment of positive education constructs (e.g., strengths, positive emotions,
  3. meaning, etc.);
  4. research on school-based positive education interventions;
  5. research on teacher/school counselor training and professional development;
  6. research on public policy related to promoting well-being in schools.

We hope to create an issue that represents a truly global perspective on positive education.

Manuscripts are due September 15, 2012 and should be written in English and adhere to the Journal guidelines for authors. Manuscripts will be sent out for peer review shortly after this date. We anticipate that the special issue will be published November 2013.

I will be serving as one of the editors for this special issue. I hope that you will consider submitting a manuscript. Please also feel free to share this notice with colleagues who may be interested. We look forward to receiving manuscripts from researchers working in countries throughout the world. Manuscripts may be submitted directly to me by email.

Dr. Jane Gillham,
Swarthmore College/University of Pennsylvania, USA